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Laced Footwear HIWALK Shoes 

They say that you can't have a good time without being properly dressed. Laced Footwear understands this and creates high-quality shoes and boots for recreation, making people feel strong enough to move in their way with confidence!



Our brand, Hiwalk, is perfect for running, hiking, and everyday use. They are designed to provide stability and cushioning while you're on the go. With Hiwalk shoes, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite activities while looking good and feeling comfortable. So lace up and get moving!

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HIWALK Grey Hiking Boots Laced Footwear.png
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Outdoor Footwear for all activities

We are a Canada-based HIWALK shoe store wholesaler and retailer with a broad range of men's and women's athletic footwear. We provide everything you'll need for all activities, such as running, hiking, trail running, travelling, and work.

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Man wearing Camo Pants and Men's Leather Pro Work Boots HIWALK - Brown while standing on a rail road track


The best boots for any activity, with our fashionable and comfortable designs. We have the latest styles so you will always be "up-to-date". You can wear them to work or play - we’ve got your feet covered!


We're all about choosing a laced shoe that will get you moving.

As Canada's leading health and wellness destination, we understand that outdoor activity plays a big role in the lives of Canadians. We believe that every Canadian deserves to feel confident and supported while enjoying the great outdoors. That’s why our team wants to inspire customers by making it more fun for them while still maintaining your comfort level!


Waterproof Boots and Shoes

Hike in style and safety this winter with our selection of waterproof hiking shoes and boots from HIWALK. With waterproof construction to take on any terrain you face along your next adventure make sure that nothing gets between yours eyes but fresh air!

Snow Melting on Waterproof Hiking Boots HIWALK Laced Footwear
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