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Shoes and Boots for Men

Laced Footwear is every man's go-to-spot for shoes and boots. If you're looking for a new pair of running shoes to hit the pavement in or some hiking shoes for the next epic hiking trail, be sure to check out Laced Footwear shoes and boots. The HIWALK brand designs its shoes with comfort, stability, and support in mind specifically for outdoor activities. HIWALK shoes are also designed for when you decide to hit the gym or do your next indoor run on the treadmill.

Men's Running Shoes

Make a statement with HIWALK's running shoes by choosing a color that suits your style. Men's black running shoes, men's white running shoes, men's red running shoes, and men's navy blue running shoes can all make the statement you are looking for. For example, men's all black running shoes are an excellent way to look more professional.

Men's Hiking Boots and Shoes

A good functioning pair of hiking boots and hiking shoes are essential for a man's need to experience the outdoors. Which is why we have a good selection that offers support and waterproof functionality. Men's HIWALK hiking boots offer more stability and support that are designed for cold and hot climates in Canada. Our men's hiking shoes are lighter weight and designed for light hiking, but have the same functions as the hiking boots. The HIWALK work boots are also making waves in men's footwear with their waterproof capabilities and stability features. 

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