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Introducing the most durable and high-performing water resistant boots on the market! The Resolute Waterproof Mid-Cut Hiking Boots features a tough TPU+ vamp with a waterproof, nonporous coating so you can hike from sunrise to sundown in total comfort. Every pair is lined with moisture absorption and deodorizing antimicrobial insoles so your feet will always feel dry and fresh. You thought they couldn't get any more durable? Our outsoles are made of natural rubber, which has durability five times that of other options, giving it about two to three years lifespan even under the harshest conditions. Walk confidently through all weathers knowing that these shoes have got you covered head to toe!

Men's Resolute Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots HIWALK - Grey

SKU: HW81095-2
Color: Grey
  • Upper Material:

    TPU+, Oxford  fabric

  • Material Inside:

    Nonporous waterproof and breathable film

  • Insole Material:

    Antibacterial, moisture absorption, deodorant insole

  • Outsole Material:

    Wear-resistant natural rubber outsole + shock absorption insole

  • Features:

    Fully waterproof, using HiWalk Tex Non-porous waterproof and breathable film, efficiently deodorant