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Finally, there's a shoe that walks the walk of life. The Knitted Fabric Urban Casual Shoe is regarded for its comfort and quality with an ultra-soft fabric lining followed by a scuffs resistant rubber outsole that is also slip resistant. Dual Velcro straps make sure these shoes are secured on your feet no matter what you put them through, from leisurely walking to picking up kids at school. These are light enough to fly under the radar but tough enough to last mile after mile.


Urban life isn't easy on our feet - it's about time someone made walking shoes for men! If you're looking for some comfortable shoes that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, grab a pair of the Knitted Fabric Urban Casual Shoes before they disappear.

Men's Knitted Fabric Urban Casual Shoes HIWALK

SKU: S813606
  • Upper Material:

    Knitted fabric

  • Outsole Material:

    EVA+ rubber outsole 

  • Features:

    Leisure, working, walking, driving and traveling, fresh and breathable, soft and comfortable, flexible and relieve shock, anti-skid and anti-abrasive, lighter weight