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Have you ever been out hiking for a whole day and your boots get wet, smelly, and need to be replaced? Well no more! With these leather mid-cut hiking shoes from HiWalk, not only will the Vamp material stay dry but it will also keep your feet smelling fresh. The insoles are antibacterial and moisture absorption which means that they'll never smell gross again! Not to mention that the outsoles are wear resistant natural rubber with shock absorption insole. Your adventures will go smoothly without hassles thanks to this awesome boot from Hiwalk!

Men's Seeker Mid Winter Hiking Boots HIWALK - Grey

SKU: 816222
Color: Grey
  • Upper Material:

    Nubuck leather

  • Material Inside:

    Nonporous waterproof and breathable film

  • Insole Material:

     Antibacterial, moisture absorption, deodorant insole

  • Outsole Material:

    Wear-resistant natural rubber outsole + shock absorption insole

  • Features:

    Fully waterproof, using HiWalk Tex Non-porous waterproof and breathable film, efficiently deodorant.