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The Mesh Casual Black Running Shoe is an ulta-comfortable shoe for all kinds of wear. They are perfect to wear at work, walking around the city or going on a hike with your dog! The mesh material allows maximum breathability and comfort from sweat or blisters. Scuff resistant and strong enough to last through runs and weightlifting sessions, these shoes will just as good with pants as they will with shorts: who says you can only do one? Try these modern running shoes today!

Men's Mesh Casual Running Shoes HIWALK - Black

SKU: S813609-1
Color: Black
  • Upper Material:

    Breathable tear-resistant sandwich mesh

  • Outsole Material:

    Molded EVA+ rubber outsole

  • Features:

    Leisure, work, walking and jogging. No seam, three-dimensional foam printing process, ultra-thin breathable tear-resistant mesh , light , flexible and avoiding smelly feet.